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  • Properties

    ANTIMRAZ -20 is a windshield cleaner produced from quality materials that fulfill the following requirements:

    thoroughly cleans glass surfaces both in winter and summer conditions

    does not freeze on low temperatures

    the detergent
  • Prelux is an alkaline pre-wash that is used for removing any type of pollution on vehicles and heavy vehicles.
    It efficiently eliminates all types of oil and lubricant, and it is soluble in water.
    The product contains surface active non-ion ingredients,
  • Used for maintenence and polishing of the plastic and rubber car parts.
  • Solution for engine wash.
    Pour hot water over the engine, spray engine with the solution, and wait 3-5 minutes.
    Pour hot water over the engine.
    You engine is clean!
  • Efficiently cleanes away al kinds of greasy deposits.
    Cleans away grafit deposits from metal parts for tires.
  • TK Super deaply removes stains fomo all kinds of fabrics on car seats and carpets.
    Solution 1:10 to 1:15
  • Detergent for washing and maintenance of faux skin, efficiently cleans seats from faux leather.
    Removes unpleasant smells and nicotin from seats.
  • Antimoscerini - Solution for removing bugs from cars.
    Does not damage clean surfaces.
  • Universal solution for washing all surfaces of cars except leather parts.
  • Hemoklin is a grease-removing cleaning agent manufactured on the base of oil derivates and selected emulgators. It does well in eliminating grease stains from oil and oil derivates, wax, tar, and other greasy filth
  • Car Shampoo with the vax effect.
    Contains vaxes with excellent effect. It is our most popular product.
    Protects and maintains original color.
    It is a concentrated solution, used in a mixure with water 1:50 to 1:200
  • Prevents ice forming for long time.
    Completely removes all dirt.
  • Closes holes and gaps in the cooling system.
    Prevents holes form forming.
    Prevents corrosion, and is compatible with all solutions agains freezing (antifriz)
  • Used in car wash and car-servicing.
    Protects tires.
    Used as a finished product.
  • Additive to diesel fuel and Eurodiesel fuel.
    Engine starts easily even in low temperatures with Antivax 25.
    Improves fuel use.
    Package of 1L is for 200L diesel fuel D-2.
  • SF SAE 15W40 - Standard API SF/CC; CCMC G2;
    DIZELS-3 SAE 30 - Standard API CD/SF;
    SUPER DIZEL S-3 SAE 20W50 - Standard API CD/SF
    SUPER GAS SAE 15W40 - Standard API SG
  • ALTIFRIZ -40 is a finished product for protection of engine and cooling systems from freezing and corrosion
    ALTIFRIZ 100 is a momoethilen based concentrated liquid containing anticorrosion and antifoamin additives. If is used for preparation of the engin
  • ALTIFRIZ 100 is a concentated and ALTIFRIZ -40 is a finished antifreeze
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Products (1-20 of 27)