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  • Fully featured software for preparing bills of quantities, estimates, specifications.
  • Computer program for production.
  • Windows software for all production.
  • SMS4Parking™ is the first fully integrated parking management system enabling municipalities and parking operators to introduce mobile phone and other innovative payment means to their existing or completely new parking systems.
  • Predmer radova u gradjevinarstvu sa cenama.
  • QuoteStation is the unique web application that provides real-time data from regional stock exchanges, as well as analysis tools needed for making financial decisions.
  • Software application module WheelSymk provides complete vehicle fleet management of a company along with monitoring of fuel, oil and lubricant consumptions, vehicle movements and keeping track about the expenses. It is also used for issuing and archiving
  • Tin packaging for food products, tea, coffe, spices
  • Tin packaging for spirits.
  • Wood and leather packaging for luxurious products.
  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
  • Service of optical sight - replacing reticles, optical sighting, a division of the visual field, installation of optical sights, replacement of damaged parts, browning and painting, general repair.
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Products (1-20 of 64)