Leather collar rune amulet Hagalaz

Manufacturer: SNiS SZR

Leather collar rune amulet HAGALAZ is made ​​from leather, size 2.5 x 3.5 cm.
The amulets are small objects which their holders protect from the evil eye, evil spirits and black magic spell.
Rune was originally a letter that used the Germanic and Nordic tribes of Northern Europe. It dates from the second century BC and was used for divination and magic.
HAGALAZ is rune of disruption, time, mixing, cracking, force of nature that damage, illness, injury, tough times. We must protect of the disruptive factors of damage, storms, lightning or flooding. Hagalaz is binds to the hailstorm, which directly disrupts life. Contact with other runes means restriction, delay, disruption, and a complete change of direction. You need to face the challenges, and do not run away from them, because they are the stones on the path we're going to the goal. We get more, if the challenge is bigger.
Features: color - light blue; gender - female; astrological - Aquarius; element - the ice (water); deity - Urd, Heimdall; number - 9.

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